Have you ever been stung by an image? That’s the question three young artists in their master studies at the KASK in Ghent are asking to their viewers by exhibiting some of their latest works at croxhapox, an experimental art house and open working place for contemporary art, and you will be able to decide how toxic their paintings are.
Alessandro Scarabello (1979, featured in DROME 21 – the Masked issue) explores the meaning of power in its diverse expressions, combining the human figure and natural contexts while questioning role models and ultimately the malaise that today’s life generates. Davide Serpetti (1990) analyzes popularity and modern-day trends through the portrayal of celebrities and everyday people. With his portraits he aims to rediscover the meaning of representation through a sensitivity to physical forms and emotional dysfunctionality. Louis Samain (1991) explores the potential of painting, treating it as a flexible medium. He switches from traditional themes, such as landscapes, to reductive abstraction, flirting with the conventions and artificiality of an image.

What is your poison?
from 6 to 8 March 2015
Opening: 5 March, 7 pm

lucas munichstraat 76/82
1000 Ghent

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