Put together by taking away. The result is a non-linear story, a polyphonic narration, a kaleidoscope of possible paths. The process aimed to shape the profile of someone has lost the faculty of having an adult appearance is not easy. You could only start from a picture that immortalize an enchanted season of life, Childhood. Just with a faded memory in pockets, you could try to create an identikit. Half true because a cropped photo is never factual. Half false for the reason that among the pieces resides what collective memory associates with the concept of absence.

Sofia Mattioli

Kensuke Koike, Courtesy of Perugi Artecontemporanea

Kensuke Koike is a visual artist born in 1980 in Nagoya, Japan. After the degree in Visual Arts at the University of Architecture in Venice, Italy, he began to collaborate with various art galleries. He works mainly on collages: from the traditional and technically simple photo-collage to the three dimensional collage in motion. He presents a highly personal vision of reality in which he proposes new ways of perceiving the world around us. Among the spaces that have recently hosted his works, the Jarach Gallery in Venice and Virgil de Voldere Gallery in New York.

UPDATING (30.05.2012) :: Just a few days after the publication of this article, at the Jarach Gallery booth at Roma Contemporary art fair, we discover that Kensuke Koike’s work “No One Knows 1” has been acquired by the Ettore Fico Foundation of Turin. Congratulations!

www.kensukekoike.com / www.jarachgallery.com


What he might have looked like
Kensuke Koike, Inspired by DROME, 2012


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