The mountain is looking for art to create a new way to express its beauty. Curated by the Touristic association of San Martino in Badia (Italy), the SMACH contest aims to realize works and installations in 12 localities, buildings, areas and sites of historical and cultural interest located near the town in the province of Bolzano. For the occasion, an announcement that is open to everyone has been launched: until March 31st 2015 it will be possible to send projects whose purposes are the valorisation of the territory through art.
The jury is composed by Lois Anvidalfarei (ladin artist), Aron Demez (Ladin artist), Denis Isaia (curator at the MART, Rovereto), Katharina Moling (curator), Michael Moling (Ladin artist and graphic designer), Letizia Ragaglia (director at the MUSEION, Bolzano) and Lisa Trockner (director of the SVB, Bozen). Every entrant could present even more than one proposal, but the ideas have to strictly respect the places, because those are sensitive areas from a biological, landscape and agricultural point of view. So, if you have the intention to build an installation realized by scrap iron, that would be more appropriate for the mountains of Mordor than for the Puez-Geisler Nature Park, well, this announcement is not for you. But if you think that the Dolomites’ value may be enhanced by art and, above all, that the latter could express new ideas through the Alpin context, do not waste your time and participate by the website Good luck!



Deadline: March 31, 2015

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