The creative and international chef Moreno Cedroni was invited by DROME for the event Demanio Marittimo.Km-278 last July 27, 2012, to take care of the refined palates of guests: as he made for DROME 20 – the Catastrophe issue, having contributed to artistically revisit the oyster for the Cahiers de Cuisine, he has been inspired once again by apocalyptic visions of culinary, offering his exclusive vision of the octopus.
An action which conceptually expresses the unimaginable wonders after the catastrophe: hidden inside a crumpled can, victim of who knows what nefarious fate, the octopus, of corvine hues, “deceives” the eyes of the guests, but as soon as it touches the palate it awakes taste buds of the survivors.

DROME presents the recipe, a scoop for real gourmet…

Moreno Cedroni and his Black Octopus, inspired by DROME 20 – the Catastrophe issue

Black Octopus


1 octopus

Extra virgin olive oil g 50
White vinegar g 6
Green celery g 65
Carrot g 35
White onion g 8
Parsley g 14

Bread g 50
Water g 212
Caster sugar g 44
Salt g 1.5
Agar agar g 3.5
Gelatin in sheets g 2.5
White wine vinegar g 87

Cous Cous g 100
Sepia ink g 10
Vinegar g 5
Sugar g 10
Salt g 3

Red tomatoes g 300
salt to taste
Extra virgin olive oil to taste

Massage the octopus with salt, wash it well and freeze it. Once frozen, swell it in boiling water for a few minutes.
Remove from heat and put it in an airtight sealed bag and cook in water for an hour and a half, making sure that the water never starts to boil. Let the octopus cool down in its own liquid. For the octopus mayonnaise, take the jelly inside the bag and prepare an emulsion pouring flush sunflower seeds oil.
Cook the cous cous in water, at the end of cooking add the squid ink with vinegar, sugar and salt.
Take the octopus and cut it into bits of about 10 g each, adding a pinch of salt and extra virgin olive oil.
For the jelly bread, cut the bread into 1 cm slices and place in a bowl. Boil the water with the sugar and salt and dissolve in it agar agar and gelatin. Remove from heat and add the vinegar before pouring the mixture over the bread slices.
Squash the red tomatoes in a potato masher and collect the juice and seeds in a bowl, and dress with salt and extra virgin olive oil.
Prepare the green sauce by mixing the minced vegetables with olive oil and vinegar.

Lightly crush a box of steel and put inside the octopus bits, the jelly bread and the water of tomato with the octopus mayonnaise, then cover with the black cous cous mixed with the green sauce.

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