Emotional landscapes, twisted realities “The seeds of the past can sprout into a disordered reality…
Shot in various locations between Palestine and Israel, the project investigates the tension between the present and the past.
Fashion plays a fundamental role in the de-familiarization of the present, enabling the viewer to understand the role of the past in the present as a mental disorder.
The subjects wear fashion items from the Spring/Summer 2010 collections. The assumption is that a person is not able to become an individual owing to the lack of free choice.
This affects one’s perception of reality, creating distorted emotional landscapes that, in turn, form national identities.
Men are caught up in a misunderstanding regarding time.
They sacrifice their lives for a sacred past.
The past has power over the subjects, it abuses the present repressing and denying their ability to create a self-designed identity.
The present, covered by the shadow of the past, legitimizes violence and creates twisted identities.
Identity is an object in the hands of nationalism, depriving people of their own consciousness and privacy.
Such distorted view and its symbols create parallel realities that do not support or tolerate each other, thus resulting in a silent conflict. Will it last forever?”

Twisted Identities


Photographer: Lea Golda Holterman

Creative assistant: Haya Rukin

Text by: Lea Golda Holterman

Special thanks to: Luigi V., Muhamad, Delcho Simeonov, Ali, Josef, David, Temporary Showroom Berlin and Starstyling Berlin

Shot in Palestine and Israel


For the TIME issue, Lea Golda Holterman has realized a shooting to give account of the burden of the History on the youth living both in Israel and Palestine, without caring about any kind of wall.



Published on DROME 17 – the TIME issue

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