Johny Dar :: DAR the BOOK Vol. 3

How do you turn past pain into something positive? A possible answer is now in your hands. With passion, integrity, a unique style, and love for printed-paper, Johny Dar invites you to join him on a 220-page creative journey told through amazing illustrations inspired by his own life.
American, fashion designer, creative director, star-body painter – he was also Lady Gaga’s body painter for her music video “G.U.Y.” – and artist, he launched the “DAR the BOOK” in 2012, the first of six, separate volumes featuring artistic interpretations of the female body.
The driving force behind the artist’s black-and-white ornate motifs, in the third of six volumes in his innovative arts series, “DAR the BOOk Vol. 3”, is personal. After a motorcycle accident, Dar fell into coma and experienced the feeling of being in a parallel universe. This book is his way of expressing an imaginary world that exists on the border between reality and fantasy, where nature, feminine shapes and sharp contrasts become visible on monochrome sketches. The supernatural meets the realistic.


Johny Dar
DAR the BOOK Vol. 3

DAR the BOOK Vol. 3
from DAR the BOOK Vol. 3
from DAR the BOOK Vol. 3

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