cream chiffon top Georgia Hardinge, jewellery Pabble London
fur bolero and dress Beyond Retro
props National Theater
black shirt Marko Mitanovsky, head piece Rob Goodwin
white dress Beyond Retro, shoulder piece Asger Juel Larsen, crown Pabble London, black cape stylist own, props National Theater
belt Fleet Ilya, lingerie Coco De Mer, cloak National Theater, black chains Maria Francesca Pepe, jewellery Pabble London
beige cloak National Theater, bracelet Pabble London
black cloak Ara Jo, veil National Theater, crown and round bracelet Andy Farrow, jewellery Pabble London, beige cloak National Theater, olive dress Issever Bahri, silver crown Rael Stone
cream dress Rachel Freire, head piece Asger Juel Larsen
black dress John Rocha, neck piece Pierre Garroudi, jewellery Pabble London, crown Andy Farrow, props National Theater

Photographer: Nicol Vizioli
Stylist: Irene Manicone
Hair Stylist: Takuya Morimoto using Bubble Bubble
Make-up Artist: Ole Elias Reinholdtsen Høve using MAC cosmetics
Assistant Stylist: Bonita Andre
Models: Bronte Dow, Ellie, Vanessa@PREMIER, Julian, Cedric
Shot in London


On a cold winter day, in an old cemetery in North London, Nicol Vizioli created for DROME a series of portraits on film, based on the enigmatic life of Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179), Christian mystic and pioneer in science, herbal medicine, music, philosophy, playwriting and poetry. Since then, Hildegard is still on her side.


Published on DROME 19 – the SUPERNATURAL issue


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