A question to the cheeky Swedish design group


A vase is blown away, a table resembles a sketch, a chainsaw chair seems to arrive directly from the Flintstones family; mirrors that seem to lead to an imaginary adjoining room, and lightened up carpets that look like magic, while flighty rats work for new wallpaper patterns. Freud said that dreams are the achievement of a desire. FRONT’s works give the impression of being dreams made by children.

DROME: Can your projects be also defined as childishly visionary? Do the little girls in you take an active part in your creations, or is everything mostly professional and serious?
FRONT: In our work we look at the tools used by designers in their creative work. The sketch, the computer modelling tools and the possibility to add elements that everyone recognizes. People’s memories are relevant in design, it is part of our collective history. Design is important and it’s interesting to add a bit of playfulness, to open people’s minds.

Valeria Corti

FRONT, Story of Things collection, objects with personal stories, courtesy of FRONT
FRONT, Shade collection, sketched pieces of furniture, hand drawn by Front, like materialized illustrations. Courtesy of FRONT
FRONT, Blow Away Vase for Moooi, digitised Royal Delft vase, exposed to a simulated gust of wind. Courtesy of FRONT
Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren from FRONT, photographed by Alberto Cibin for DROME magazine during the Salone del Mobile 2010. Charlotte von der Lancken’s absence was due to the eruption of the Iceland’s Eyjafjöll volcano. In front of them, their Mirror Table for Porro.
DROME 18 – the CHILDHOOD issue, cover by Jacqueline Roberts

Published on DROME 18 – the CHILDHOOD issue

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