The reference of art photography, full of emotion, which hides the message in its significant. This is the subject of fotofever, the second edition of the photography fair to be held in Brussels from 4 to 7 October 2012.
The kermesse, which features 60 international galleries from 16 different countries, will invade the hangars of the Tour&Taxis, the magnificent exhibition space on the banks of the Brussels-Charleroi Canal, in the heart of the city, and investigates the talent of renowned artists such as Terence DonovanWilliam KleinDouglas KirklandSaul  LeiterMunkásciJean-Marie PérierSandy Skoglund  and  Alex Webb, but also makes its way through the young ones, called to tell the collective imagination about the diversity of the world. There will be, among others, Sacha Goldberger, Lola Guerrera, Ellen Kooi, Lu Yanpeng and Marko Zink.
In addition to the main instrument, a space will be dedicated to the dynamic evolutions of the video, a ray deliberately expanded to stimulate the visitor to debate on the new possibilities of art and exhort him to confront and collecting.
«Fotofever is the fruit of an osmosis between a curious public, the involvement of passionate gallerists and great trust accorded by renowned institutions and partners», states founder Cécile Schall, who worked for years with Will Ramsay, founder of AAF and co-founder of Art Hong Kong and Pulse.
DROME, invited to join as media partner of the fair, will attend: can you miss such an interesting appointment?


Self Extrication series, 1997. © Wang Xiao Hui, courtesy of Sabrina Raffaghello Arte 2011
Bombay, India, 1981. ©Alex Webb, courtesy of NKA*Photography
Enfilade, Bode-Museum, 2011. ©Reinhard Gorner, courtesy of K+Y
Photo Studio Junior 01, 2012. ©Rainer Elstermann, courtesy of Artitled! Contemporary Art
Lamp Mobile – Lost and Found series 2012. ©Peikwen Cheng, courtesy of Charlet Photographies
Anouk Aimée & cigarette holder, 1961. ©William Klein, courtesy of Fifty One Fine Art Photography

Photography Art Fair 2012
Avenue du port 86c

Brussels, from 4 to 7 October 2012

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