Human creations are routes to the memories of a life or a period of time – that is always rich of several stories – and of a whole population. Ireland is the lucky reservoir, not only in the European scenery, of some of the most fascinating artistic and cultural heritages, just think about the traditions of Celtic culture or the experience of Medieval monachism up to the great literature of the modern age. Is it possible to tell the history of one’s nation through 100 objects? Yes, it is, and in a superb way. There can’t be any other answer if we consider the gorgeous project curated by “The Irish Times”, the National Museum of Ireland and the Royal Irish Academy. Among exhibitions and several events, a superb book has been recently published. Curated by the journalist, critic and writer Fintan O’Toole, in a Borges way, it could become the 101st object that shows with so much care, gracefulness and elegance, how it is possible to describe the personal nation patrimony. 100 things, then, to narrate not only the cultural, social and economic history of Ireland, from the origins to modern times, but also a myriad of stories starting from the peculiarity of a single object and arousing the curiosity of the reader for the possibility to discover some more. The essay proceeds in a chronological order, it includes a detailed form for each object and the indication of where you can see it. The first are archaeological finds, artifacts of the prehistoric period, a fish trap, a piece of an axe, gorgeous gold jewels and treasures painted in miniatures such as the Book of Kells. We go through all the eras, we walk trough time meeting even objects that seem unusual and special such as a suitcase, a washing machine, a ring. You have to discover all the other object by yourself! Maybe starting from here… new ways to say old things.

Augusto Petruzzi

Fintan O’Toole
A History of Ireland in 100 Objects
Royal Irish Academy, 2013


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