First time to Belgrade, first time to RESONATE, a Festival developing an original research on the latest technological trends applied to music and art; research on the border area that very often contemporary art, one that calls itself with a capital A, cannot fully adopt, but whose applications surround us in everyday life, and they will more and more in the future.
The programme is divided between CONFERENCE and LIVE, with a series of workshops, lectures and performances that attract professionals from all Europe: in the halls of Kinoteka (Yugoslav Film Archive) and of Kolarac, artists and speakers mingle with the public in a familiar atmosphere, privilege of a festival not yet hopelessly exploded in numbers. The workshops range from the presentation of software as “vvvv”, a mixed language of coding and graphics that manages hardware instrumentation for the authoring of live environments, to hardware experimentation that happen in the main hall. Wandering inside the Escherian Kinoteca you can find a multitude of suggestions such as a many hands melody played by a networked computers orchestra in which notes are words of a new alphabet, Tidal. Here people interact with machines in a direct relationship, far away from the condition of final consumer to which most of us are normally relegated. Among the conferences, experiments on the photographic language, where new images are no longer a permanent record of a moment but thanks to the combination of a kinect camera enrich themselves of three-dimensional and temporal contents (DEPTHKIT), or architectural projects such as those of Ruairi Glynn that uses high-tech equipment to create emotional environments.
At RESONATE you can meet digital artists such as Kim Asendorf, successful entrepreneurs as Jesper Kouthoofd, Teenage Engineering’ CEO, or “extreme experiences designer” such as Nelly Ben Hayoun who impress the audience with his creative genius manages at the closing conference. All this just mention a few moments, without intruding into the unmissable day and night LIVE music program . However the encounter that most gave me to think is the one with R., a young Mexican digital artist escaped from Europe as he was without visa, and that here have been welcomed with open arms: “after four years in Rome”, he told me, “living in Belgrade seems like a fairy tale.”

Andrea Montesi

web: http://resonate.io/2015/

Andreas Müller, courtesy of RESONATE
Ben Frost_Börkur Sigthorsson, courtesy of RESONATE
Blixa Bargeld. Photo by Branimir Milovanovic, courtesy of RESONATE
Emika, photo by Richard Kranzin, courtesy of RESONATE
photo by Vladimir Miloradovic, courtesy of RESONATE
Main venue, courtesy of RESONATE
WOUTER VAN VELDHOVEN, photo by Branimi Milovanovic, courtesy of RESONATE

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