Eduardo Castaldo :: erased

An exhibition in Naples, that honors the longevity of photojournalism. The wonderful location tribunali138 will host « erased », an exhibition of Edoardo Castaldo‘s works, curated by Peppe Tortora. The solo show will present some of Castaldo’s most significative photographies that covered historical events like the Arab Spring, the Israel-Palestine crisis or the recent Ucraine crisis, many of them already published in newspapers and magazines such as Time, Newsweek, Le Monde, Der Spiegel, … And that’s part of the concept behind the show. Does time erase the symbolic power of an image? The exhibition seems to show that photographies need to be revealed after a time, not only because they keep their fascinating power of documenting the truth, but also because they gain a touch of magic.

Eduardo Castaldo – erased
curated by Peppe Tortora

Via dei Tribunali, 138

Naples, March 27 – April 19, 2015

Coptic, Cairo, photography by Eduardo Castaldo
Feb 2011, Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt
During the 18 days of the January 2011 Revolution.
Demonstrators resisting against the assaults of thugs and pro-mobarak supporters. Photography by Eduardo Castaldo
Meiron, North Israel, May 2009
Thousands of Orthodox jews gather every year in Meiron, North Israel, to attend Lag Ba Omer celebrations, around the grave of Rabbi Simon Bar Yochai. Photography by Eduardo Castaldo
Naples, ITALY, May 2011
On the set of the movie REALITY ( 2012) by the award winning italian director Matteo Garrone, (GOMORRAH, 2011 ).
The movie, telling the story of a man willing to be admitted into the Big Brother’s house, was awarded with the Jury’s Grand Prix at Cannes Festival 2012.
Aniello Arena, main actor on the movie, is a former Mafia Killer
currently serving a life sentence in Prison.
Photography by Eduardo Castaldo
Tahrir, Cairo, photography by Eduardo Castaldo

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