On the occasion of drodesera 2012, WE FOLK!, they have transformed Dro in The city of Happiness: the third episode of the apocalyptic reportage of DROME 20, Catastrofe O Cara, is with CODICE IVAN.

How would you react to the possibility of an imminent catastrophe?

A few years ago someone told me the story of a man, a guy called John. John predicted the (almost total) end of the technological era together with a kind of counterattack of the Southern part of the world. He maintained to be a man of the year 2036, and that he had been sent into the past to recover an IBM that would make him able to make other travels trough time. John opened a blog where he talked about what was going to happen between 2000 and 2036. He wrote about a civil conflict in the Unites States that was supposed to cause a nuclear war between the powers of the Middle East. He predicted, in 2015, an atomic bombing of USA and China at the hand of Russia. Three billions of dead people. His blog became a media phenomenon and John was tested by NASA; apparently he managed to give precise information concerning time travels, providing math formulas that only very few men in the world are capable of managing.
Now John has disappeared, someone says that he went back to the future, but before vanishing he provided some suggestions on how to survive to the catastrophe:
– equip oneself with bicycles
– create groups of maximum 5-6 persons, in order not to attract attention and therefore being bombed
– leave the cities and move to the countries
– start cultivating small gardens, because they will be the only means of survival.
There are people who believe in John’s story. While there are others who don’t believe it. With no doubt, it is necessary to find a concrete answer to this question: how do we have to live? From the ruthless cynicism to the fast decrease, including the global revolt: to each his own action, his own stand… his own conscience.

Anna Destefanis, Leonardo Mazzi and Benno Steinegger are the three components of the theatrical group Codice Ivan (Code Ivan, TN). Created in 2008, it exploits the stage as an arena where to experiment new performative and interactive approaches, an action field where the blurred boundaries and the mechanisms are laid bare. A melting pot of languages and forms of expression, the scenic projects realized by Codice Ivan trigger off short-circuits and arouse questions that make decay and deception appear palpable.

 text by Francesca Cogoni
photo by Carlo Beccalli for DROME magazine

Codice Ivan photographed in the Centrale Fies, at the drodesera festival 2011, by Carlo Beccalli for DROME magazine


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