call4roBOt 2015 #XLR8

The call 2015, free admission and deadline 14th of june, invites young artists to present their works relating to this edition’s contents, the accelerazionist aesthetics, resumed by the official hashtag #xlr8. Installations, videos, performances, photographs, design and self-productions will be accepted.

call4roBOt represents the roBOt’s scouting vocation in the field of visual arts, selecting and promoting artistic projects during the Festival. Dedicated to artists who investigate the digital arts, who experience technical and expressive crossover forms, the 8th edition puts the spotlight on the hypertechnologic present, encouraging participants to work through digital and interactive arts on techniques capable of telling and describing the peculiarities of an accelerated existence.


To submit

roBOt Festival
7 – 10 October, 2015

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