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[email protected]: what do you strike more when you just met someone.
azt – The unexpressed variables. There is an infinite range of variables and possibilities to discover, verify, investigate… the person in front of me is a world to tell and my brain begins to structure our conversation in shots – I live in a world of images – what I see are possible frames of an impossible short film, a narrative sequence full of waiting possibilities, of minimum positions, of physical details that break violently into my imaginary world like falling asteroids. Also, all that a photographic image doesn’t say but must contain: the smells, the tone of voice, the speed or slowness of movements, the time passed, the future. When I meet a person, very often I undress them on my mind: I need to delete everything they did to “represent” themself, I need to remove the armour, to go beyond, deeper, to see what’s underneath, what really is, I need to get to the essential to find their more authentic diversity.

[email protected]: according to the dizionario dell’omo salvatico (i.e. the dictionary of the savage man) by domenico giuliotti and giovanni papini: when you see written “adult entertainment” is implied that it is obscene – and thus adults becomes a synonym for pork. in reality, poetry is capable of penetrating everywhere, and art can explore every path to deconstruct false imaginary. let’s talk about it!
azt – I have neither the interest nor the presumption to do any art “for everybody”, and I am not interested at all in childhood. The term “adults only” doesn’t worry me at all. The categories of morality and censorship fascinate me very little, except for that brief and incidental thrill I feel when I violate them, a very fleeting charm indeed. But this is not the point. The fact is that there are those who live and support a world in which “poetry” is synonymous with “naïve” and people like me who prefer a broader view at 360°, exploring a more extended horizon, going through the least explored and most intense regions of the human nature. I deal with some “removals” of the mainstream imaginary: the nudity, the sexual sphere in its specific genital meaning, the loneliness of the human being and the transience of bodies. All this is the essence of poetry to me, art always had to deal with this in a more or less explicit way. If I find beauty and poetry in what is universally considered as “obscene” I represent it, as I do if I find them in something socially acceptable (from my point of view, a photograph of a face or one of an erect penis are not that different, they are both “portrait”, there is no hierarchy between bodies and between parts of the body). It’s a matter of language, of poetics: sex – like death – contains an expressive potential of infinite beauty and truth. The paradox is to show this truth through the lie of an image, which is by definition a liar who says anything but the truth. It’s an insolvable problem that gives birth to some kind of mystery.

[email protected]: how to live a secret in the best way.
azt – I tell you a secret: I am the best person to tell secrets to, because I immediately forget them. My respect for secrets is total, absolute, and my mind practice it by erasing all of them (I have an eraserhead), moving them in a remote inaccessible area, a distant desert land with sand dunes and high rocky pinnacles. Some say that secrets are what you tell to people one by one, others that the best way to hide something is to put it under everybody’s eyes. Quite often, people consider their body as a secret, especially the genitals or their own shapes that they don’t like. This is kinda waste to me, because doing this way we limit the amount of visible beauty in the world, which consists precisely in the diversity, the defects, the secrets of our bodies, that should be naked instead of covered with cloth. In any case, art lives on revealed secrets. I’m sure if you think to one the most famous artworks – your favourite one, the most beautiful to you – it’s for sure one that reveals a secret, that makes visible the invisible, that dares to say what cannot be said… Did I get it?

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