The not-to-miss art meeting in the Kingdom of Belgium is now: Art Brussels 2015. Not only a fair appointment for getting to know more about the international contemporary art system, but also an appreciable platform featuring an articulate content made of special projects.
Under the artistic direction of Katerina Gregos, for the third time, that is also the curator of the Belgian Pavilion at the upcoming Venetian Biennale, the fair presents quoted and young artists of world’s leading and emerging galleries, but also selected talents from schools and other reputed institutions.
This year a programme of live performances replaces the talks program on THE STAGE. To this effect Art Brussels launches a new event called ARTISTS’ MUSIC, which features daily live musical performances by contemporary artists and their bands.
Meet us daily at the DROME booth in the media area. We have a limited edition free poster for you.

Art Brussels 2015
Brussels Expo (Heysel)
Place de Belgique, 1

Brussels, from 25 to 27April 2015

Name: Lars Elling
Title: Undivided States (Kitchen)
Year: 2015
Measures: 200 x 170 x 4 cm
Technic: Egg oil tempera on canvas
Copyright: Galleri Brandstrup
Name: Tobias Zielony
Title: Sign
Year: 2011
Measures: 69 x 46 cm
Technic: C-Print
Copyright: Tobias Zielony
Name: Thomas Lerooy
Title: Destroy Everything You Touch
Year: 2014
Measures: 71 x 50 x 19 cm
Technic: bronze, silver patina
Copyright: Galerie Rodolphe Janssen, Brussels
Name: Willem Oorebeek
Title: More Club
Year: 2011
Measures: 67.6 x 55.2 cm
Technic: inkjet on paper
Copyright: courtesy of the artist and Robert Miller Gallery

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