There are already enough reasons to fall in love with the city of Lucca (Italy) – the old town and its masterpieces, the magnolia flowers in Elisa Garden, the country houses. But now there’s another reason to add. The Church of San Cristoforo hosts the Belgian artist Wim Delvoye’s solo exhibition. Until September 1st 2013, the following works will be on view: Untitled, a monumental tower 11 meters high, which has been already showed at the Musée du Louvre in Paris; the Holy Family Series, composed by seven bronze sculptures; and Double Coccyx, a sculpture specially created for the exhibition of Lucca.
Everything is perfectly in connection with the nave and the apse, to create a surprising balance between medieval and contemporary art. The majesty of Untitled is an example of how nowadays art could have an interact not only with a sacred space, but with religion itself.
“I liked the fact that San Cristoforo was a church – Delvoye explained – It is a beautiful structure, built with excellent materials, of lovely proportions, rich in history and abundant in symbolic meaning. I love the fact of entering into a direct relationship with the surrounding territory by using its materials in my work”. Indeed, you don’t have to forget the peculiarity of the Church of San Cristoforo, that is a place dedicated to pain and sorrow. In 1939-40, the plasters, the Baroque altars and the vaults built in 1400s were removed, turning the building into a memorial to those soldiers from Lucca who died during the World War I. The church hasn’t been used for the religious cult anymore, and the soldiers’ names have been written on the aisles. Wim Delvoye’s works confront themselves with all that suffering, showing the sensitivity of the artist who realized Cloaca in 2000. A moving exhibition.

Gabriele Girolamini

Wim Delvoye :: Solo Show
Church of San Cristoforo
web: www.artscristoforolucca.com

Lucca (Italy), March 2nd – September 1st 2013