How does energy stimulate transformative processes? How does it affect life?
In the light of these appealing questions, five international artists explore energy through their works in an itinerant exhibition curated by Lorella Scacco. Among them, a well-known name for DROME’ readers, casaluce/geiger: she tackles the topic of energy through her exploration of the cyborg reality and the world of alchemy. Her work Rehab moves towards an idea of identity: a ‘multiple-self’ approach guides her analyses of post-human territories. Her video installation Heart E = mc2 alludes to the mystery of life. These works enter into a conceptual dialogue with Milieu by the artist Juliana Herrero, whose work oscillates between nature and artefact, digital and analogue. With Milieu she brings alienated worlds into surreal floating soundscapes deconstructing the materials of the sources. Blues in Sol Menor, also by Juliana Herrero, relates to an inner experience of sound. Inner and outer worlds, highlighting a borderline zone of tension, become a subject of interest in the body of work of casaluce/geiger and Juliana Herrero, but is also tangible in Flavia Bigi’s work Pay attention, which reflects on spirituality questioning dogmatism in religions. To some extent, this work becomes a mirror in which the viewer also intercepts the ‘self’. With her video installation A Mountain Phenomenon, Sissa Micheli recounts the flux of energy in nature through changes in light, while Francesca Pinzari explores physical interaction between people in her work The first time we kissed and her installation Get closer.

is currently displayed in the Museum of Art in Kajaani, until September 11, 2016. The exhibition tour started at Kunsthalle Bratislava in May 2015 and will continue in 2017 to Museum of Kymenlaakso, Kotka and to K. H. Renlund Museum, Kokkola, Finland.