In an hyper-connected era, what do the invisible data streams look like? What do we refer to when we talk about clouding? What happens when design decides to deal with clouds?
The answer is the project Ready To Cloud by The Constitute, which is presented by EXPOVISIONS and is curated by Susanna Legrenzi and Stefano Mirti. From April 8th to 13th, during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, the exhibition includes two installation works staged in six locations during six nights. Nuvola Madre is a cloud made out of water vapor, that is in dialogue with Nuvola Satellite, a piece living as a big digital projection to generate a new reality to interact in actual presence. It’s necessary to emphasize that Nuvola Satellite is organized in collaboration with the Assessorato alla Cultura, Moda, Design (city of Milan) and il Salone Internazionale del Mobile.
On April 13th, Nuvola Madre will be in Piazza Duomo, at the corner with via Marconi, while Nuvola Satellite will be in via Bergognone, 34.
Along the project there is the “making of” diary by The Constitute, interviews to makers and
thinkers and the accompanying pictures of a special guest: the British designer Dominic Wilcox.


Ready to Cloud / Nuvola Madre
Piazza Duomo, at the corner with via Marconi 2

Ready to Cloud / Nuvola Satellite
Via Bergognone 34

Milano, April 9th – 13th 2013