It is hard to say why a room, the stones of a road, the corner of a garden we have never seen, a wall, a color, a space, or a house suddenly become familiar, and ours. We feel we have inhabited these places and a feeling of total harmony makes us forget that all this existed and will continue to exist well beyond our own perception of it.
Luigi Ghirri, Il paesaggio impossibile, 1989

Preceded by a beautiful exhibition held a few months ago at Castello di Rivoli, the book Luigi Ghirri – Project Prints, curated by Elena Re, is a real tool of deepening and contemplation of the work of the unparalleled master of Italian photography, prematurely deceased twenty years ago. It’s a photographic collection evocative and incisive as few, the one of Ghirri, of which this book intends to show not only an impressive selection, but also to explain the process of creation, the project’s nature, the intellectual and emotional underlying substrate. Through an unprecedented series of “project prints” – small images that the author used as a study tool and test, and realized by contact print with a negative of medium format – and thanks to a large number of mock-ups, documents and writings ,the volume allows us to know the complex and deep poetry of Luigi Ghirri, a passionate “thinker by images” who has interpreted photography as “a great magical toy that combines both great and small, illusion and reality, space and time, our adult awareness and the fairy-tale world of childhood.”

Francesca Cogoni

Project Prints
Curated by Elena Re
JRP Ringier, 2012