Three days of meetings, talks and workshops about the culture as a tool for the development. From October 17th to 19th, Lucca is going to host the 9th edition of LuBeC, which will analyze an anything but easy issue: the relation between employment and innovation, so the varied whole that includes green economy, tourism, ICT and Made in Italy. The event’s title is explanatory: Culture: the password for the future, and also MiBAC, di Formez, CNEL, CESVOT, ICS, the Regioni and the local administrative institutions are going to attend.
In addition to the presentations of two researches dedicated to Sentiment Analysis about the cities of art, to the workshops about ICT and occupation, to the meetings about the country’s immense cultural heritage valorization, and to the possible (but not simple) integration between green economy and cultural assets, LuBeC is going to involve the local and territorial marketing as well as the strategies to capitalize on the so-called Italian system potentials.
To sum up: art, culture, innovation and heritage valorization. Doesn’t it remind you of something? DROME magazine, of course! In fact, you favorite magazine will participate to the festival, giving its contribution in terms of global and innovative approach to contemporary art and to everything is related to it. DROME is a good password for culture, too.


LuBeC :: Culture: the password for the future
Real Collegio
Piazza del Collegio

Lucca, from October 17th to 19th 2013