Ketty La Rocca 80 :: Gesture, speech and word

It’s a golden period for Italian visual poetry, if we think, for example, to the travelling exhibition MAGMA. Body and Words in Italian and Lithuanian Women’ Art from 1969 to the Present or to the international Symposium Embodied Words. Concrete & Visual Poetry in Italy and Belgium in the 60s and 70s, scheduled soon at Italian Cultural Institute Brussels (24-25 May 2018).

For its part, 17th edition of Biennale Donna contributes with a precious in-depth retrospective of one of the most representative and charming Italian artists of this heteroclite movement: Ketty La Rocca.

Almost twenty years since the last anthological exhibition in Italy and eighty years after her birth, Ketty La Rocca 80. Gesture, speech and word, curated by Francesca Gallo and Raffaella Perna, and organized in collaboration with the Ketty La Rocca Archive by Michelangelo Vasta, assembles a selection of about fifty works dedicated to the relationship between verbal language and the body, the main focus in artist’s poetics.

The exhibition, staged at the Pavilion of Contemporary Art in Ferrara from April 15 to June 3, moves on a double track, thematic and chronological: artworks of different years are gathered around the subject of the word, central in the period focussed on visual poetry, and that of the gesture, which dominates the production of the following decade. Among these, a project never realized: In principle erat verbum, a game-performance that reiterates the interest of La Rocca for gestural communication, as well as projects, artworks and documents never exhibited in Italy, like the documentation of the Verbigerazione action (1973) and the original audio of the performance Le mie parole, e tu? (1975).

XVII edizione Biennale Donna
Ketty La Rocca 80. Gesture, speech and word
Mostra antologica
Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea
Ferrara, April 15 – June 3rd 2018