After Animali and Ciboh?!, the collaboration between the local territory museum MUST of Vimercate and the association heart – PULSAZIONI CULTURALI blossoms again this year with a new themed collective exhibit. Eighteen artists, some of whom – such as Giacomo Balla and Alik Cavaliere – being very popular, others being young and emerging, try to inspect the relationship between Nature and Artifice through the lens of contemporary art.

Since its origins, the artistic experience presented itself also as the mimesis of reality. The desire to represent the latter brought artists of all the time to face Nature in a direct way, sometimes by attaching to its symbolic motifs, other times by trying to portray it in its most tangible and objective truth. The contrast between Nature and Artifice has been treated by the artistic language with increasing awareness: on the one hand there is the irresistible attraction to the Artifice, on the other hand the fear of the chance that it might end up triumphing over Nature, even replacing it.

The exhibition Innaturalismi, curated by Simona Bartolena, invites everyone to discover, with a fair degree of lightness and irony, how the artists have been trying to recreate Nature, redefining its profiles, remoulding its shapes, imagining new species. The tones, the intentions, the languages are very different: playful, irreverent, poetic, exquisitely pop, fairy-tale or surreal, yet they all are visionary and imaginative, and all capable of suggesting a new perception of the natural element.
The collective show itinerary is articulated through the suggestive rooms of the MUST, and displays artworks by Nobuyoshi Araki, Giacomo Balla, Bot, Alessandra Brustolon Zorzi, Alik Cavaliere, Elisa Cella, Silvia Cibaldi, Giuliano Gaigher, Piero Gilardi, Kazumasa Mizokami, Giorgio Laveri, Daniele Misani, Renzo Nucara, Cristiano Petrucci, Laura Santini, Silvia Serenari, Manuela Toselli, and Anna Turina.


INNATURALISMI – Quando l’arte ricrea la natura
MUST – Museo del Territorio
Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 53

Vimercate (MB), from 14 May to 26 June, 2016