Several lectures to understand how contemporary art information has been changed since 2000. On 19th and 20th of April, Villa Carpegna in Rome hosts the workshop and the exhibition titled È l’arte, bellezza… E tu non puoi farci niente. Curated by Fondazione Quadriennale di Roma, the event aims to study the relationship among contemporary art, media and independent publishing.
Visitor are going to explore the brand new art magazines, taking a look at the books published by art magazines, too. Among the editorial products, there will be also DROME magazine. On Saturday 20th April, Stefan Pollak, DROME’s creative director, and Rosanna Gangemi, DROME’s editor in chief, will participate at the discussion Art magazines as communication tool, together with Giulia Brivio (“Boîte”) and Francesco Stocchi (“Agma”). You can’t miss it!


È l’arte, bellezza… E tu non puoi farci niente
Villa Carpegna
Piazza di Villa Carpegna
web: http://quadri.site90.net

Rome, from 19th to 20th April 2013