The question presents itself again. Weak Sex VS Strong Sex. In art, however, in a paradoxical reversal that turns on the debate, weakness and strength no longer have the usual destination: the Man, almost ignored in centuries of artistic production, plays a starring role, thanks to an intimate and controversial representation. Beautiful Penis is an exhibition curated by Barbara Polla and Jenny Mannerheim, which winds through the work of 12 female artists caught up with the interpretation of the male sex organ and the age-old vision, propensity, conception of this. The adjective “beautiful” is not purely aesthetic, but collects the desire to redeem him from the negative connotation (violent, aggressive and invasive), which has acquired in history. In total contrast to the well-known Origine du Monde by Gustave Courbet, and many other works that celebrate femininity, the exhibition of Nuke Gallery in Paris starts from the essay by Barbara Polla, Tout à fait Femme, which explores the reasons why , throughout the history of art, images of the glorious male body by female artists are so few, while men have been and are still representing, with passion, the female one and its sexual attributes. The burden of interpretation lies in the hands of Vanessa Beecroft, Leslie Deere, Dana Hoey, Katerina Jebb, Kovylina Elena, Sarah Lucas, Joanna Malinowska, Maro Michalakakos, Sabine Pigalle, Michaela Spiegel, Ornela Vorpsi and Tracey Emin, the irreverent British from who, among other things, is inspired the title of the show, moving from her namesake work of 2002.
Female desire is “a great feminist gesture,” says the photographer Dana Hoey. In total and final admission of guilt, the fantastic tour into the Phallic world is multifaceted, from religious to scientific references, through sounds and smells: the spotlight finally, are all for “him”.

Ilaria Giordano

Nuke Gallery
Rue Sainte Anastase, 11

Parigi, fino al 16 Giugno 2012