Three days dedicated to drawing. From October 3rd to 6th, the White Hotel – Ibis Styles in Brussels hosts Art On Paper + 1, the first Belgian fair about contemporary illustration, realized in collaboration with VO, The Event Alchemist and with the gallerist Pierre Hallet. The visitors can admire a kermesse of the second edition that include more than 500 artworks presented by more than 40 Belgian and international gallerists, and all of them will be exhibited in a decisively unusual location for a show: the hotel rooms.
This choice didn’t mean to shock the purists of art: after all, it’s becoming a common decision also in fashion – think about Room Service during AltaRoma fashion weeks in the Italian capital – and the reason is simple: they try to create an intimate relation with the exhibited works, giving an exclusive artistic experience. No filter, no distance, just the viewer and the works. The object lost itself in the subject, the subject in the object and, if he’s particularly absent-minded, he could also get lost in the hotel rooms.
The hotel rooms, exactly. Each one of them will show drawings, and also a copy of our favourite magazine, that is DROME. Because when it comes to immediate and involving experiences, we are the experts.


Art On Paper +1
White Hotel – Ibis Style
212, Avenue Louise

Brussels, from October 3rd to 6th 2013